Open Letter to the National Young Farmers Coalition

Dear Martin and Sophie:

Happy 2023. I am writing to you in my capacity as Chair of the Climate Change Permaculture Project (CCPP). CCPP is a newly formed, private operating foundation. The mission of the foundation is to create a critical mass of farmers who will adopt regenerative farming practices to reverse the effects of climate change and help to address food insecurity.

After reading the results of your 2022 survey, I am convinced that our organisations have much in common because our target population is beginning farmers, limited resource farmers, and socially disadvantaged farmers (e.g., women and people of colour)–in other words, your constituency.

CCPP’s main activity is the Permaculture Incubator Programme (PIP)—like a small business incubator, only for regenerative agriculture. The plan is to provide instruction in regenerative agriculture from world-class permaculture experts. Trainees will put what they learn in the classroom into practice on half-acre plots that we will provide.

Below is a table that shows how the PIP programme will address the challenges that young farmers face, that were identified in the survey report

Access to landUse of half-acre plot on which to implement a permaculture design
Startup capitalShared equipment, seeds/seedlings and amendments
LabourCCPP Farm Manager and other trainees
Lack of practical design experienceTechnical assistance by internationally recognized permaculture experts
Access to marketsCommon retail outlet; strategic partnership with Mt Pleasant Farmers Market; CSAs
Affordable housing
Affordable healthcareFarmers can eat permaculture produce from their plots for improved nutrition “Food is the first medicine.”
Farm policy educationAlliance with Fair Food Network, MI Good Food Fund, NYFC?

Here is a link to webpage that provides information about the foreseen recruitment and selection process. One criterion is that trainees must have a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

I am writing to bring this to your attention because, if one of your members had interest in applying for the programme, there is time to obtain a PDC, before recruitment begins in the fall of 2023. Please consider sharing this information with your membership, as you deem appropriate. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Craig Russon

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