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Dear Reader:

If you have been reading this blog, you know that recently we published an open letter to Peter Coy in response to the opinion piece that he published in the Dec. 26, 2022, edition of the NYT entitled, The Thorny Questions Raised by Charitable Giving.

In our letter we expressed our view that government and philanthropy, funded by the ultra-wealthy, are out of touch with the needs of small farmers who are going to lead the revolution against big traditional agriculture that is poisoning us and driving climate change.

Much to our surprise, Mr Coy responded to our open letter and invited us to contribute a few lines to another opinion piece that he published in the Jan. 02, 2023, edition of the NYT entitled, A Chorus of Hope for 2023.

For the article, he asked a variety of people, from many walks of life, both from the United States and abroad, to share their hopes for the new year. The list included a CEOs from investment firm, senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers, national and local politicians, university professors—and us.

Below is what we wrote:

The response has been gratifying. Many people who read the few lines that we wrote searched for us on the Internet and wrote to express good wishes and, in some cases, to ask what they could do to help. Thanks to Peter Coy and to all who expressed support.

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