This is what is driving my climate anxiety

Dear Reader:

The formation of the Climate Change Permaculture Project is a way of managing my own climate anxiety. This anxiety kind of ebbs and flows.

Then when I watch You Tubes like the one of Yuval Noah Harari explaining that if society were to invest just two per cent of global GDP to prevent an apocalyptic climate future, my climate anxiety is abated.

Then, I read articles like the one in the Aug. 5, 2022 edition of the NYT entitled How Republicans Are ‘Weaponizing’ Public Office Against Climate Action.

In this article, Davide Gelles explains how Republican state treasurers around the US are attempting to thwart climate action by disinvesting from funds that are environmentally conscious.

The article is so troubling to me because the Guardian (UK) did an analysis showing that 75 per cent of the $67bn of damages that Texas and Louisiana incurred when Hurricane Harvey smashed into Texas and Louisiana, in 2017, can be attributed to human influence on the climate.

Wouldn’t state treasurers want to avoid incurring those kinds of costs in their respective states? This, what appears to me to be non-rational thinking, is what drives my climate change anxiety.

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