A Shout Out From the New York Times?

Dear Reader:

I am not exactly sure . . . but I think that the Climate Change Permaculture Project (CCPP) may have gotten a shout out from the New York Times!!! In the 23 July edition of the NYT, the Time’s Editorial Board wrote an editorial entitled Climate Change is Not Negotiable.

In their piece, the Editorial Board recapitulated the most recent manifestations of the climate crisis. Bad news on every continent. It next examined the response from US elected officials. They have abdicated their responsibility to lead for the future because of short-term political and economic gains. (I feel my climate anxiety rise as I write.)

Without congressional backing, the Biden administration’s only recourse seems to be to use its Executive Authority. One of the protective measures on which the President could take action is to reform climate-intensive farming practices and nature-based solutions to climate change.

Climate-intensive farming practices? Is that not CCPP? They didn’t mention the Foundation or its Permaculture Incubator Program by name. (It’s ironic that an Editorial Board would make an editorial mistake like that.) None-the-less, there is little or no doubt in my mind that it was us about whom they wrote. And CCPP finds that to be further affirmation of our approach.

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