West Virginia vs EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

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In case you missed it, last week, the Supreme Court curtailed the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, one of the biggest sources of planet-warming pollution.

supreme court - environmental protection agency
Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

One might be tempted to think that there is now, no way that we can ever meet our targets to lower greenhouse gas emissions. However, in the 1 July 2022 edition of the NY Times, Maggie Astor published an article entitled “As Federal Climate-Fighting Tools Are Taken Away, Cities and States Step Up”.

In the article, she reported that, across the country, communities are accelerating their efforts to fight climate change as action stalls on the national level. Karen commented on the article to give a shout-out to a Planning and Zoning Administrator from Isabella County, Michigan who has been particularly helpful.

The residence that will be constructed for the young permaculture farmers will be year-round housing which doesn’t fit the typical category of farm labor housing. Mr. Johnson took the time to find a solution to our unique situation and advised Russon Family Farms on the best type of permit that it should seek when the time comes to construct the Barndominium. This is a perfect example of the local efforts about which Ms. Astor wrote.

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