CCPP Bulletin #2

Open letter to Dean Arun Majumdar, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, Stanford University


Dear Dean Majumdar:


Congratulations on being named the inaugural Dean of Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.  It is my understanding that the school will focus on policy issues and on asking what it will take to move the world toward more sustainable practices and better behaviors. Of course, policy needs to be grounded in field research, which brings me to the purpose of my letter.


My family just started a private operating foundation named the Climate Change Permaculture Project (CCPP). Our mission is to create a critical mass of farmers who will adopt regenerative farming practices, embodied in the principles of permaculture, to reverse the effects of climate change and to help address food insecurity.


Our main activity will be a farm incubator project. A group of gender and ethnically diverse trainees will receive training from internationally known permaculture experts. They will put their training into practice on two-acre plots that the foundation will provide. Here is the link to our website.


I am writing to invite you to send students to conduct field research on our operations. By studying our operations your students will gain insights into the policy changes that will be required to transform the traditional system of agriculture into one that incentivises planet saving regenerative agriculture practices.


My contact details are on the website. Hope to hear from you soon.



Craig Russon


Climate Change Permaculture Project

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