May Day

Dear Readers:


The 1st of May is International Permaculture Day. It is also International Workers’ Day. Coincidence? Me thinks not.


During the pandemic, I received permission from my agency to telework from outside my duty station. For two years, I teleworked from 6:30 to 14:30. Then, I would go out and work on the Russon Family Farms until dark.


That experience taught me lots of lessons that can be applied to CCPP. An important lesson is that financial resources are not the biggest challenge. The universe gives us exactly what we put out into the world. The money will come.

The biggest challenge will be labour. What strategies has CCPP foreseen to address the paucity of labour? The communal nature of the programme will encourage Permaculture Incubator Participants (PIP) to cooperate to achieve economies of scale.


Participants will share equipment, purchased by CCPP, through grant funding. Participants will be encouraged to work together on their respective plots. CCPP will also hire a Farm Manager to assist the PIP participants with advice and assistance.


White Rabbits!

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